Sample Packs

Black Snake Factory offers different types of sample packs.

All of our sample packs are compatible with all types of DAWs. Our high quality techno sounds are offered in the best wave quality. Simply insert it into your DAW and you're good to go.

BSF Bundle (Melodica vol1 Greg Notill).j

Greg Notill´s Melodica Pack Vol.1

BSF Bundle (Factory Essentials Vol1).jpg

Factory Essentials Vol.1

BSF Bundle (Essential Synth Vol1).jpg

Essential Synth Vol.1

BSF Bundle (Arp Pack Vol.jpg

Tony Romanello Arp Pack Vol.1

BSF Bundle (Drum Kit Vol.jpg

Tony Romanello Drum Kit Vol.1

BSF Bundle (Techno KicksVol1).jpg

Techno Kicks Vol.1

BSF Bundle (Essential Drums Vol1).jpg

Essential Drums Vol.1